Pilot Sport 4


Excellent steering control and high level of reactivity

«Dynamic Response» Technology: a hybrid belt of Aramid and Nylon ensures optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road.
An ultra-reactive Tread Pattern Design, coming from motorsport experience (Formula E, WRC), adapts continuously to the road, for optimized footprint on the road

High level of safety on wet roads

A new mix of compound with specific “functional elastomers” and hydrophobic Silica provides excellent wet grip and braking
– Wide and deep longitudinal grooves ensure a high level of drainage on wet roads

Coming from co-operation with emblematic car manufactures and from MICHELIN motorsport experience

The MICHELIN PILOT SPORT tireline is co-designed with the most demanding car manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche)*
– The tread pattern design comes from motorsport experience (FORMULA E, WEC**, WRC***…)